Dishwasher Service Tips: Simple Troubleshooting Procedures


Dishwashers are fairly easy to repair when compared to other household appliances which tend to have complex mechanisms. However, if you do realize that your dishwasher has a major fault, it is imperative that you have dishwasher repair done by an expert. However, for the minor issues that have to do with proper functioning of a dishwasher, the dishwasher service tips outlined below will undoubtedly save you a great deal of trouble.

First of all, check and make sure your dishwasher has been properly plugged into the socket and find out whether there is electricity flowing through it. If there is no electrical energy, the appliance will not work. Furthermore, you can examine the unit and identify minor faults like scratches and cuts appearing on the wires that connect the appliance to the electrical outlet.

Yet another common problem experienced with dishwashers is broken door latches. If your appliance does not come on or if it fails to respond to commands, check that the door switch and the door latch are locking properly. If you notice that it cannot lock properly, it may be a good idea to consult a professional that specializes in dishwasher repair even though the fault is minor.

Draining problems are quite common too. If you run the machine for a few cycles and it does not fill up with water or drains faster than it gets filled with water, then your water supply could be the problem. Once you have assessed the situation and you are certain it is a water supply problem, check the valve. It is normally located beneath the sink while some are fitted at the bottom end of dishwashers. Common valve faults are brought about by clogging and various forms of damage which can easily be repaired particularly if you have the right tools.

In some instances, the dishwasher may fail to drain water completely. If you realize that this is happening to your appliance, carefully examine the hose that drains water. Another probable cause is a jammed pump or motor. Checking the hose that drains water will help you determine if there are leakages on the dishwasher.

If you realize at any point that you are not able to resolve problems arising as a result of use of the dishwasher, you can find a manual that has details of troubleshooting and repair details. Moreover, you may even find it necessary to disassemble the unit in order to carry out repair works. Certain faults may be simple to resolve while others may require professional help. In some instances, it may be necessary to remove the device from its present location so that hard to reach areas can be repaired.

Once you have identified probable cause of dishwasher faults, the worn out parts may need replacing. However, to avoid so many hassles, it is a brilliant idea to get an expert to examine your appliance since these professionals are equipped with the right tools and equipment that facilitates quick repair of household appliances. Therefore, follow the dishwasher service tips outlined above and call a repair expert to handle complex faults.