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Fort Wayne Chiropractor Introduces State-of-the-art Protocol for Managing Pain, Numbness and Tingling of Peripheral Neuropathy

Approximately 20 million Americans suffer from a common affliction with dreadful effects which they conceive to be incurable

Fort Wayne, IN– While the renowned Fort Wayne chiropractor does not primarily market dietary habits he does concur that health and nutrition plays a fundamental part in his pain management protocols. As well as treating people with debilitating pain, he also helps a limited number of personal injury patients.

Peripheral neuropathy is a devastating ailment effecting approximately 20 million Americans who struggle through it with the impression that they have no hope of a cure. There can be a multitude of triggers consisting of diabetes, vitamin insufficiencies, chemotherapy, alcohol addiction, prescription meds, exposure to Agent Orange and other war toxins, degenerative or herniated discs and autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.

Peripheral Neuropathy conditions can include acute pain or cramping in the feet and legs, burning sensation in the legs, feet and hands, prickling in toes, feet, hands, arms and fingers, excessive sensitivity to touch, vertigo and pain medication dependence to name a few.

Problems that come with peripheral neuropathy can vary based on the reason for the nerve damage. Some can be deadly. The terrifying fact is one of the most common causes of death in people over the age of 60 is a broken hip or concussion resulting from losing their balance caused by loss of feeling in the feet and legs. Other conditions include ulcers or open wounds which are slow to get well due to the insufficiency of blood supply, walking and balance issues from numbness in the feet, trouble sleeping with pain or tingling and even gangrene and tissue death leading to amputation. Early diagnosis and therapy is vital in stopping these problems from becoming serious and perhaps fatal problems.

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Dr. Busch, Fort Wayne Chiropractor, has cared for many clients who have peripheral neuropathy. Generally, many are aging and have tried out a wide assortment of remedies including harmful drugs and very painful treatment plans. He manages to attend to the painful symptoms linked to peripheral neuropathy with an effective, non-invasive, drug-free approach that employs light therapy to promote tissue repair joined with some nutritional and physical therapy.